In addition to my private practice I have joined neuroCare Centers of America’s Nashville NeuroCare Therapy team. Their new Nashville center is located in Cool Springs, where I’m their Neurofeedback Specialist. At Nashville NeuroCare Therapy, our Neurofeedback treatments are focused on helping clients with symptoms of ADHD and sleep problems. We use the most advanced technology and treatment protocols available to work to provide long lasting relieve from the symptoms of ADHD without the use of medications. Upfront QEEG and sleep assessments allow us to personalize the treatments to each individual, facilitating the best treatment outcomes possible. Nashville NeuroCare Therapy also provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy for individuals suffering from major depression that are not completely well despite treatment with medications, or prefer a non-medication treatment option. This innovative treatment has become a new standard of care, as it can provide long lasting symptom relief even for those that have not benefited from prior treatment with antidepressant medications and/or psychotherapy for the majority of patients that elect TMS to help with their depression. To learn more about these innovative services please visit 

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