Lacey Raley, MMFT

Marriage & Family Therapy Clinician under supervision


I’m Lacey! (she/her) I am deeply passionate about helping you work toward body peace. I believe that body respect and acceptance are absolutely possible for every single body! I use the term “health autonomy” to describe my approach; I invite you to intuitively define what you want for your life. I’d love to help you work toward unconditional self-compassion by repairing the innate trust you once had in yourself, your body, and your ability to have meaningful relationships. I am HAES aligned and IE informed, and I work from an attachment-focused, and somatic healing perspective. I believe we are complex humans who deserve complex and complete healing, but that looks different for everyone. Outside of the therapy room, you can find me spending time with my partner and our adventure pup, Theo the Weimaraner, baking autoimmune-friendly desserts (hi to all of my fellow chronic illness pals!), getting creative with art projects, biking, practicing integrative mindfulness and movement, and finding beauty in the small stuff.














It is my belief and experience that disconnections between our inner world, outer world, and physical body limit our ability to deeply connect. Learning how to make peace with your body is a multi-dimensional practice that is specific to you, your experience, and the goals you have for your unique life. Body peace is striving to live in attunement with the physicality of your reality while fulfilling pleasure, needs, connection, and presence.

In my work, I am passionate about the intersections of disordered eating, body image, chronic illness, attachment, media, religious and sexual trauma. Regardless of our specific experience, it is crucial to consider our bodies in the mix of it all; our bodies have been through every joy and overwhelming pain, which is why it can feel so dang hard to be present. This practice is what we call embodiment, and I would love to help you on your journey to knowing this aspect of body peace.

As a Clinician, it is my goal to help you identify your goals; this is your space to freely express your core self. Of course, I want to help challenge you in areas you may feel stuck and find ways to bring understanding to what otherwise feels chaotic. Although usually out of our comfort zones, many times it is necessary to work toward actively engaging emotions, tolerating discomfort, and accepting intimacy/being known and seen. 

The majority of my clinical experience includes working with acute eating disorders, and I know that food freedom is a crucial part of recovery. When practicing somatic, intersectional healing, I believe it is imperative to take a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach, as we work to actively advocate for diversity, inclusion, and justice for all bodies. As someone who experiences chronic illness, this also informs my position of disability justice. A common goal of food+body work is Intuitive Eating (IE), a research-based practice of tuning into and honoring the signals of our bodies. This takes time, and for some, there are more immediate interventions that are necessary to disrupt disordered eating cycles. Unfortunately, in our current society, it is truly difficult to *not* engage in disordered eating, as it is so normalized, but this does not diminish the importance of pursuing liberation from these oppressive systems in order to experience true joy and contentment. I would love to work with you to assess what treatment and skills are appropriate for your needs. Healing your relationship with food and body can feel overwhelming, but full recovery is absolutely possible! 


I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Clinician working under a temporary license and the supervision of Cadey Phipps, license #1348, as I pursue full licensure status. I received my BS in Psychology from LSU (I am originally from Louisiana), and Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy from Trevecca Nazarene University, where I also completed my practicum and internship years at the Trevecca Counseling Center working with young adults. 

I am a certified Mindfulness Integrative Clinical Practitioner via training with Tara Brach, Clinical Tele-Mental Health Provider (CTMH), Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP), PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Counseling Facilitator, and Dialectical Behavior Therapist (C-DBT). My modalities integrate the trauma-informed, evidence-based practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing (MI). I very much value continuing to educate myself in up-to-date practices, research, and modalities! 


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