Finally Pregnant: navigating pregnancy after loss and/or infertility 

Finally Pregnant is a monthly process and support group for women who are pregnant after experiencing loss and/or infertility. This group is meant as a space to connect with other women who have shared experiences with you, and is led by Cadey, a licensed marriage and family therapist and 200 RYT who is currently pregnant after years of infertility and loss. Each meeting will have a loose theme and will start with a meditation or gentle movement practice to get us into the space together, followed by opportunities to connect and process with others who get it.

Opportunity to meet in person, or participate virtually. Cost is $40/group meeting.

Email Cadey at for more information or to get started.

Teen Processing and Art Group (TPAG):

TPAG is a weekly processing group led by Payton, geared towards LGBTQIA2S+ teens. This group meets in person at our office in Berry Hill on Tuesday nights from 6-7:30pm for solid hangs, connection, support, processing, and art/experiential stuff.

Art supplies, journals, and knitting needles/crochet hooks/yarn (yes, you read that correctly) will be supplied for group. Payton will lead every session, but we will also have a monthly guest lecturer/friend attend to discuss specialty areas that benefit the group (queer adulting, Art Therapy, “finding yourself”, Dance Therapy, “queer resilience”, PsychoDram, etc.)!

TPAG is pay what you can/feel comfortable paying with a range from $25-$50 per group.

Contact Payton at for more information. 

Queer+/Trans Interactive Processing (QTIP) Group:

QTIP is weekly an interactive processing group for queer+/trans adults looking for community that meets Sundays 3-4:30pm at our office in Berry Hill. Come hang, meet some dope people, talk about what’s bugging you, and do some fun/helpful shift.

QTIP is pay what you can/feel comfortable paying with a range from $25-$50 per group. 

Contact Payton at for more information.

Support Group for Partners of Touring Folks in the Music Industry:

As someone who has been in a relationship with a touring musician for 8 years, Lacey understands the toll the music industry can take on a relationship. Let’s chat about it with other people in the same boat. This group is about processing, support, communication, and finding what works for you personally and relationally.

Group meets bi-weekly in person at our office in Berry Hill. $35/group. Open to anyone with committed partners in the industry, ages 20+, all genders welcome.

Contact Lacey at for more information.

Process Group for Music Industry Folks:

Lacey knows from listening to music and creative folks how there seems to be no escape from the constant burnout – so much pressure to perform in so many different ways. When it comes down to it, the “connections” we have aren’t the supportive and understanding relationships we need to thrive. How do we balance it all? How do I continue to make a living doing this thing I love (or used to love) while taking care of myself? Where can I find MY people who will champion me as a person and a creative?

Well, it is Lacey’s hope to create a space for just that! This biweekly process group for music industry folks aims to help mend the gap between personal and professional connections, creating a supportive community for you to process aaaaaall the highs and lows of the industry in person at our office in Berry Hill. You deserve to be connected! 

Cost is $35/group. Ages 20+, all genders welcome.

Contact Lacey at for more information.