IFS & Trauma Processing Intensives


Sometimes the clinical hour just isn’t enough time to truly get into deep, meaningful work. This is where Intensives can come into play. This extra time allows for us to get into the work and still have extra time to process once we’re done. This may be particularly helpful if you keep noticing a parcticular theme or struggle come up, but have thus far been unable to work through it due to time constraints in therapy. Cadey currently offers IFS Intensives for individuals, half days or full days, on Thursdays. This is available to current clients of CAG or others, but Intensive clients are required to have their own therapist outside of Intensive work. IFS will be the primary modality used, though at times other practices pulled from Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, or polyvagal theory may also be used.

Half Day: 9-12 or 1-4 on Thursdays

Cost: $550

 Full Day: 9 – 4 on Thursdays (with lunch break)

Cost: $1200


For more information, inquire through the “contact” link or contact Cadey directly at