Did you know that in the world of relationship counseling, prevention is 3x more effective than intervention? That means that premarital counseling is 3x more effective than Couples Therapy later on down the road.  Premarital counseling also reduces your risk of divorce by 30%.

It makes sense to add Premarital Counseling into your wedding budget.

Our premarital counseling approach is different than some, in that we like to go deep with you. We won’t merely be covering the exciting things about marriage, and instead will get into some conversations that you may have been putting off.

Multiple of our clinicians are trained in PREPARE/ENRICH, which is a tool that we will use to guide us through the premarital counseling process. You will take the PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment before your first session. Find out more about PREPARE/ENRICH here.

You and your partner will then attend sessions where you will receive customized feedback, have important conversations, and learn essential relationship skills. The average length of premarital counseling with us is between 8-12 sessions, including individual sessions for both you and your partner, but may be completed in more or less sessions depending on how quickly we move through material.

During the program we will cover the following topics and more:

Anxieties Entering Marriage

Strength & Growth Areas

Relationship Dynamics


Personal Stress Profile


Conflict Resolution

Couple & Family Map

Family of Origin Issues

Attachment Styles

Personality Profile

Financial Management

Relationship Roles

Sex & Affection

Leisure Activities

Children & Parenting

Spiritual Beliefs

You will also be introduced to Gottman Method Couples Therapy exercises, be educated on some concepts from Sue Johnson’s Emotionally-Focused Therapy model, learn how to use the Imago Dialogue Process, and hear what Esther Perel has to say about the key to a long-lasting marriage.


$35 per couple to complete PREPARE/ENRICH assessment
$145 per 90 minute session (regularly $195-235)
$100 per individual / 50 minute sessions (regularly $135-$160)

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