Sometimes, we’ve already done the couples work, but we remain unsure of how to move forward. Discernment counseling helps couples who feel they are on the verge of divorcing decide whether or not to end their marriage. This approach can be particularly effective when one partner wants to leave the relationship, but the other wants to remain together. Within one to five sessions, the therapist helps the couple determine if divorce is the best option for their marriage. When therapy is over, a decision is usually made whether to get a divorce, commit to 6 months of couples therapy, or keep the marriage as it is.

It is important to note the following:

  • The therapist does not make the decision for the couple whether to remain married or not, but guides them in developing clarity, confidence and perspective to make the right decision for themselves.
  • In discernment counseling, couples are not working on intimacy or relationship issues, since most have already gone through marriage counseling, but they are focusing on whether or not to divorce.

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