The Center for Authentic Growth is a group of Clinicians (therapists, coaches, healers, and student interns with Masters degrees and specialized training) who have come together under a shared set of values to offer individual therapy, relational therapy, coaching, group work, intensives, supervision, community offerings, and energy healing to residents of Nashville and the rest of Tennessee via Telehealth.

Here, we see life as a series of transitions. Some easy, others difficult. Some planned, others unexpected. Some physical, others emotional. We believe that we all enter this world with the capacity to be grounded and at peace, yet as we experience all of the transitions of life, we develop new parts of ourselves along the way. Sometimes we need help getting to know our internal world and coming back to our true nature. 

At the Center for Authentic Growth, it is our belief that in getting to know ourSelves and fostering compassion for the complexities that come with being human, we are better able to offer this same compassion to ourSelves and to others. In choosing to engage in this work, you will be better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way next, effectively and authentically, as you learn to lead your life from an innate place of curiosity, compassion, clarity, calmness, courage, confidence, creativity, and connectedness.











































Why lavender?

Lavender represents opportunity and promises new adventure. The scent promotes a sense of calm and a feeling of happiness, while the color boosts creativity. Lavender is associated with the crown chakra, the energy center of higher purpose and spiritual connectivity and has also been reclaimed to represent power, and pride. The spiritual qualities of lavender include healing, tranquility, higher consciousness, release of energy blockages, and easing of tension.  All of these are things we may seek when participating in therapy or coaching.